Spirit colors meaning

spirit colors meaning

According to David Icke, we are only capable of seeing a limited range of colors and we are unable to see the frequency range beyond visible light. Icke believes that certain races of extraterrestrial beings called Reptilians operate on a different frequency outside visible light and manipulate our current reality through Illuminati families.

Through Near Death Experienceswe have heard numerous times about people who temporarily passed on to the other side and upon their return, have stated that they saw various indescribable colors that we are unable to see within our current light frequency.

Photoreceptor cells are the part of the eye that controls our perception of color. Our bodies have seven energy receptors of life force and prana called chakras. Each chakra vibrates and responds to a different color. In her book, True Balance, by Sonia Choquette, she mentions how to use the color green if you are sad or depressed. The Universe is a hologram aware of all of its parts at all times, and when we move into our heart chakrawe shift into this holographic vibration.

Your lower three chakras govern your physical drives and urges in this 3rd dimensional reality while the upper four chakras are more spiritual. I have several Himalayan Salt Lamps which exude an orangish-yellow color and help to keep my lower chakras in balance while eliminating negative ions within a specific range of my lamps. When lit, the color of the Himalayan Salt Lamp strongly resonates with your sacral and solar plexus chakras. Many indigenous cultures not only honor all aspects of life, but directions as well.

Each direction of north, south, east and west have a corresponding element and color:. There was the cycle of the mineral, the rock.

Rainbow Colors: Their Meanings, Order and Symbolism in the Bible

There was the cycle of the plant. And now we re in the cycle of the animal coming to the end of that and beginning the cycle of the human being. When we get into the cycle of the human being, the highest and greatest powers that we have will be released to us. They will be released from that light or soul that we carry to the mind.

If any of the brothers and sisters of the four directions and the four colors cast their tablets on the ground, not only, will human beings have a hard time, but almost the earth itself will die. And so he gave each of us a responsibility and we call that the Guardianship. To the Indian people, the red people, he gave the Guardianship of the earth.

We were to learn during this cycle of time the teachings of the earth, the plants that grow from the earth, the foods that you can eat, and the herbs that are healing so that when we came back together with the other brothers and sisters we could share this knowledge with them.

Something good was to happen on the earth. To the South, he gave the yellow race of people the Guardianship of the wind.Nature abounds with color. It is as if, at the beginning of time, a clever painter used the world as an intricate canvas. Humans often look to that canvas to find deeper meaning, including spiritual associations.

This certainly holds true in our studies of Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals. Do color meanings have anything to do with exploring messages, signs and omens from our animal spirit guides? Does color symbolism signify anything when trying to interpret Spirit Animal meanings? Explaining this comes by example.

This developed over thousands of years and numerous indigenous cultures associating blue birds with joy, health, renewal and the coming of spring. So if you have a blue bird as a Totem, you are very likely a happy person that spreads good vibes wherever you go. Or, perhaps a blue bird appears randomly on your path one day. That may be an omen of very good things coming your way soon. From a color psychology standpoint all hues tie to intention and impact.

Each color has a specific vibration that affects the way we feel, think and process the signals the Universe provides. As you become more aware of this connection, it supports your endeavors in working with animal guides and spirits as well as with nature as a whole.

The purpose of this article is providing you with a starting point in the world of animal colors and meanings. Do not be afraid to trust your gut instincts while working with color and animal guides.

That process is very rewarding and reveals much about your inner world. Red has strong associations with the planet mars. Humans often perceive it as an elemental fire, filled with action, passion and effervescence.

The zodiac sign that rules Red is Aries, the Ram characterized as being adventurous, zealous, confident, energetic and a bastion of courage. So how does red affect the meaning of a totem or spirit animal?

Color Meanings & Symbolism

Folklore tells us that when we see a Robin winter is finally over and Spring is just around the bend. As a result, the red Robin presages hopefulness, renewed energy, happiness and a sense of clarity. Those with a Red Robin totem are speakers of truth according to Native American traditions.

Or how about sighting a red Fox? The Fox is a messenger. The red Fox may be telling you to watch how you use your energy, or that you need to refill that inner well. Where red sparks, orange has a subtler impact on our minds. It comes under the rule of Mercury, that governs communication, intelligence and comprehension.

The associated Zodiac sign is Gemini, a charismatic, adaptable vibration. The numerology of Orange is number two, providing balance and satisfaction. Overall, Orange symbolizes peace, hope, social interaction, personal serenity and a keen intellect. Applying this to the natural world the first animal to come to mind is the Vibrant Tiger. This is a creature of great strength and integrity. The Orange Tiger spirit guide speaks to us of using those ethics as a core, granting a sense of self-knowing and the ability to really be comfortable in our skin.

If Orange Tigers begin showing up in dreams, advertising, etc. Get away from the chaos and find your center.There are many hidden topics in our world, but also some of the unknown to people that we should explore. Almost every object and phenomenon has its own biblical and spiritual significance. We can talk about this a lot and we will pay special attention to this topic today. We will devote ourselves to the biblical and spiritual meaning of colors and discover what they represent.

This topic is very special because people have not explored enough and certain colors speak quite a lot and tell us different meanings. Each color has its own special meaning, and the most prevalent colors according to biblical meaning are red, blue, green, yellow, white and gold. These colors have their own special symbols and can tell us a lot about the character of people and about human behavior. Each color can determine the lifestyle of people and people through history have described these colors and identified with them.

If you want to learn more about the biblical and spiritual meaning of colors, then you are in the right place and this topic will reveal some of the things you did not know before. With the help of this tutorial, it is certain that you will discover some novelties that will change your way of thinking and help you to understand some special topics. The red color as it is known is mostly a symbol of love and passion.

This color has different meanings, but in the biblical and spiritual world it can represent some different meanings and some of our hidden desires and hidden feelings. The red color is a symbol of love, but according to biblical meaning is also a symbol of sacrifice and death. Throughout history, this color represented different symbols and since this color of blood many people did not like this color and they thought that it could only bring negative things. The red color has its own symbols and can represent a spiritual rise and change in the way of people think.

Also, this color can represent sincere emotions towards other people and to express some hidden feelings. If this is the color that describes you then you should know that it can mean both progress and new life challenges.

This color has some hidden symbols such as happiness, joy, love, and sadness and death. It is therefore necessary to understand all of its characteristics and to try to understand what this color brings to people.

According to some historical lectures, the red color was also a symbol of war because the war brought a lot of bloodthirsty blood and therefore people thought that the red color would describe it.

Many people did not like this color, but according to many biblical meanings, this color has no bad symbolism and can bring many beautiful and honest moments to people. It can also signify positive changes that will help us to progress in life and to capture the happiness that we deserve.

Blue color also has its own and certain meanings that help us to understand what features and attributes of this color bring in life. For a blue color we can tell different things and it is known that this color describes the different characteristics that we encounter in our lives.

Blue color can represent freedom, openness, infinity and it can represent a symbol of beauty and inner peace. Through its history and through biblical meanings, this color is described in various ways and we can say that it generally brings positive characteristics and gives a certain beauty.

This color is described in many nations as a symbol of peace and through this color, people tried to express their positive thoughts and to express their beautiful feelings.

This color brings a sense of security and fulfillment and we can say that this is a color that gives peace of mind and with the help of which we can discover our hidden emotions. Blue is also in some way a color of love and we can find it as a color that describes wisdom, sincerity, love, and positive thinking. Blue color brings a free spirit and helps people to make the right decisions in life that will help them to be better and more honest with other people.

This color is also a symbol of donation and we can find many of the most expensive items in this color. To give someone a flower in a blue color means that you give him great respect and great love and certainly would not leave anyone indifferent. What we can conclude is that the biblical and spiritual meaning of this color brings many positive characteristics and this color affects people to have very positive thoughts.

Green has its own characteristics that also have its own Biblical and spiritual meaning. This color has long been popular among people and it has its meanings that describes certain moments in life and which represent some of the beauties that surround us.Colors are one of the most beautiful and also one of the most under-appreciated aspects of the physical realm.

We are surrounded by colors, but how often do we notice the numerous subtleties in the myriad shades. Spiritually, color can impart both information - as in aura colors, and energy - as in healing.

The aura is the spiritual energy field surrounding living beings which is "visible" to the psychically sensitive. This short article presents the meanings generally associated with the most common colors. Use these meanings as a starting point in your own explorations.

We are each unique individuals and colors may hold different meanings for us than for others, just as a piece of music inspires different feelings in different people. Use colors to promote those qualities you wish to emphasize. Use them in your surroundings for qualities you wish to emphasize permanently.

Wear clothes of appropriate colors to promote those qualities in a particular situation. You can also use colors simply by visualizing them, whether to promote their qualities or to exploit their healing energy for yourself or others.

Red symbolizes energy, passion, strength, courage, physical activity, creativity, warmth, and security. It is also associated with aggression. In healing, use red to bring warmth and burn out disease. Red is a powerful color and should be used in moderation.

spirit colors meaning

In the aura red signifies materialism, materialistic ambition, a focus on sensual pleasures and a quick temper. Orange symbolizes the individual's relationship to the external world, the needs and wants of the physical body and the ways in which these are satisfied, the world of work.

In healing orange may increase immunity and sexual energy.

spirit colors meaning

In the aura orange signifies thoughtfulness and creativity. Yellow symbolizes intellect, creativity, happiness and the power of persuasion. It is also associated with cowardice. In healing use yellow to promote clarity of thought. In the aura yellow signifies intellectual development, for either material or spiritual ends. Green symbolizes money, luck, prosperity, vitality and fertility.

It is also associated with envy. Green is the color of healing; it is beneficial in all healing situations. In the aura green signifies balance, peace and often indicates ability as a healer. Blue is the color of spirituality, intuition, inspiration and inner peace.

spirit colors meaning

It is also associated with sadness and depression the "blues". In healing blue is used for cooling and calming, both physically and mentally. In the aura blue indicates serenity, contentment and spiritual development. Indigo is associated with psychic ability.

How to Read Auras and the Meaning of Each Color

In healing, use indigo for relaxation, reassurance and promoting psychism. In the aura indigo signifies a seeker, often of spiritual truth. Purple is associated with power, both earthly and spiritual.When it comes to spirituality, we have to talk about crystals.

Crystals are used for healing health issues, energizing the body and mind, and even clearing out negative or bad energy from a room. Many people use crystals to fight stress, anxiety, and even psychological and physiological illnesses.

Congratulations, bride-to-be! So what remains to be done next?

The Spiritual Meaning of Colors

Why: start planning the wedding, of course! I had recently covered a brief guide on how to see aura colors and what the different aura colors mean. In this guide, we will study ways in which you can change your aura colors. Changing your aura colors actually involves a few lifestyle changes.

All these cumulatively work to change your life, … [Read more God shows us much more than a simple natural phenomenon when a rainbow appears in the sky after the rains. We have already discussed the 7 rainbow colors and their meanings … [Read more Healing colors are the colors that influence mood, calm the nervous system and make the environments less provoking and peace inducing. Over the centuries, many cultures across the world have employed colors for their healing powers.

Even today, Chromotherapy is an important tool for gentle healing … [Read more Coloring is not just an activity for keeping kids occupied; we only associate it with children. The crown or the seventh chakra is located at the top of the head.

In fact, the Seventh Chakra disperses the Universal energy or life force into the six other chakras located below … [Read more In Sanskrit, the word Ajna meaning Third Eye is used to for it. The sixth chakra is … [Read more The Fifth Chakra in the human body is located in the throat region and aptly named Throat Chakra.

This Chakra is the center of communication, listening etc. Known as the balance point of all seven Chakras, the heart or the fourth Chakra is located at the center of the breastbone. The heart is the organ which is … [Read more The Complete Guide to Color Meanings.Scroll down a bit for the video. Spiritual Color Meaning. Color effects our mood and has more influence on our lives than we may think Understanding The Meaning of Colors.

If you understand the meaning of colors you can match your clothes to your intentions for the day, or you can decorate your home in the colors that reflects your true self and what is most important to you. Colors and color meaning have been powerful symbols to mankind since the dawn of time.

His book: "Edgar Cayce on the Power of Color, Stones and Crystals" explores the subject of energy vibrations within colors, stones, and crystals and how they have a beneficial influence when carried or worn by someone.

What impression do you create with your wardrobe, the decor of your home or your car? When you know the powerful symbolism and psychology of colors you give yourself a secret advantage in many situations! Rainbows, Chakras, Auras. Rainbows, Chakras and Aura colors are all comprised of the 7 colors of the visible spectrum. All other colors come from variations and blends of these 7 colors, from these colors millions of hues and shades exist.

Every year paint companies play with color trying to develop new exciting colors the market will respond to. The colors of the rainbowchakra colors and colors of the aura all have significant color meanings, and as with all symbolism we all seem to have a hunger to know what it means to us Do the colors in your environment or wardrobe need to be updated to reflect what you would like to project into the world?

As a service to my viewers, I'm sharing this excellent video with step by step instructions for how to make your own masks.

Stay safe, stay strong. What's Your Spirit Animal? The Magic of Colors. As a child I just loved having the "big box" of crayons, all of the colors in their raw form spoke to me of limitless possibility. When I began to paint in my early 30's I found myself once again collecting as many colors as I could find.

I love colorful artwork, the play of colors is pure magic. Color meaning is used for healing, magic, divination, and of course we choose the colors that reflect our moods and desires for our clothing, for interior design, and for our cars Colors have profound spiritual meanings and can greatly effect our vibrations,and even how others perceive us. Spiritual Meaning of the Color Red. The color red is vibrant and full of life, it has a range of meanings from love and passion to fiery anger, it excites and energizes.

Red is the color of fire, and power. Red holds symbolic meaning of all things intense and passionate. Spiritual Meaning of the Color Orange.Angelic Lights: What is the spiritual symbolism of the light colors angels use to appear? Image: Text Overlay on blue to rainbow bokeh circular dot lights. Updated Usually, they've not been human before, so this means they often don't appear in any human or any other sort of defined shape.

As beings of lightAngels frequently appear as flashes of light, streaks of light in the air, or balls of light zipping past you. They can also appear as large, light energy masses, for example, this is how I see them in churches and at holy sites. They don't have a body and most never have, so they usually aren't bound by shape, which is what makes Angel sightings so versatile. Angels can appear in front of your eyes, in a dream, or in meditation to deliver messages to you.

The color of the light that Angels use to appear is often just white, the color of all energy, or, as some call it, the pure source light of the Divine. When Angels appear as any other color than white, it can be symbolic as to what they are here to help you with. Angels can and do appear to people using a wide array of different colors. Each color is symbolic of their role in your life and what message your Angel is trying to convey.

The color of light a Spirit appears, including an Angel, also may have to do with wavelength. So aside from Angel light colors being symbolic, it could also be scientific, Angels could travel and communicate through different wavelengths.

Or in the metaphysical community, we call these different vibrations. Higher vibration Angels are thought to be those that exist at higher frequency light colors.

For example, Archangel Michael is believed to be an Angel first in command of God, and its color is blue. It could be an Angel and below are the seven most common light colors they use to appear and what they mean. What do different flashes of light mean when you see them in meditation? Image of pink daisy by DreamyArt from Pixabay. Strength, independence, self-sufficiency, rootedness, groundedness, a symbol of earth connection, of purpose, of fire. Stimulation of energy, rising, physical energy.

Angels that commonly appear as red are Nathaniel, Uriel, and Sandalphon. Abundance, well-being, passion, pride and connection, sexuality, and relationships with others, and creativity. Uriel can appear as orange. Support and stimulation of intellectual activities, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of self-power. When yellow appears like gold, it adds protection and healing to the already yellow color.

Angels that can appear as yellow are Ariel, Jophiel, and Azrael. Heart and healing, joy and love, nature, and connection to healing vibrations, inner peace, and comfortable feelings.

This vibration is perfect for the promotion of health and balance. Raphael, thought to be the master healeris the leading known Angel of this color.


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